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Exterior Painting

Southern California Home and Business Exterior Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint can revitalize almost any building. If your home’s exterior looks outdated or your business property’s paint has begun to peel, treat your building to Sparta Coatings, Inc.’s high-quality exterior painting services.
Southern California, homeowners and business owners rely on our team for complete building exterior transformations, from power-washing to precision trim painting.

Essential Benefits

Painting is an essential step in maintaining the appearance and integrity of any building. In fact, most exterior building materials require regular repainting to stay in good condition.
If you know the building hasn’t been repainted in three to five years or you have already noticed paint damage, don’t put off a paint appointment. Exterior paint provides the following benefits for your home or workplace:
  • Creates a positive, welcoming first impression of the property
  • Decreases the effects of weathering, such as warping, fading, or cracking
  • Eliminates discoloration and other eyesores
  • Increases property value for potential resale
  • Reduces the risk of mildew growth and moisture intrusion over time
Depending on the paint type you choose for your exterior, a coat of paint can also supplement your insulation and HVAC system, making the building more energy efficient.
Discuss your needs with our skilled painting crew to determine how to best optimize the exterior of your building. We provide exterior painting services that are ideal for the hot, dry weather and intense sunlight of the Temecula area.

Proven Experience

Exterior painting can be a massive project that must be completed as the weather permits. At Sparta Coatings, Inc., we understand the needs of property owners in the Inland Empire and have over 40 years of experience restoring, upgrading and refreshing building exteriors.
Call us today at 951-214-5854 for an estimate on your exterior paint job. Our team provides exterior painting services to Southern California..